Message from the Executive General Manager

Dear Visitor,

It is with great pride that I welcome you to PetroMasila.

We are currently approaching a milestone. On December 18, 2012, PetroMasila will celebrate its first anniversary of operations.

Although we had a far from perfect amount of time to establish our national company, with assistance from the Yemeni government – and particularly the Ministries of Oil and Finance – we have not only survived, but thrived. Our managers and employees showed that they were able to run our operations safely and at a world-class level. We proved ourselves.

We continue to meet our production targets while also planning for a bright and productive future. New wells are being readied for drilling, and surveys and research are being conducted to open fresh sources of production. Our commitment to the environment is being translated into action as we move closer to replacing diesel with natural gases to power a wide range of operations.

At PetroMasila, we treat local communities not only as neighbors, but as investment partners. I am particularly pleased to report that we recently opened bids on a large-scale project to bring much-needed electricity to a number of areas and villages surrounding our operations site in Hadhramaut’s Block 14.

For us, this huge investment represents a beginning. In addition to a wide variety of ongoing projects and services offered to Yemeni communities, we at PetroMasila plan to make a sizable yearly investment to improve the lives and well-being of our fellow citizens and neighbors. Next year, we can further concentrate on medical assistance, on peoples’ medical needs. For such projects, we are committed to using local contractors. As is the case this year, not only will we provide an electricity infrastructure for a significant area, we will also build up the local economy.

It pleases us to see that our name is starting to become known in the region and beyond. So far, so good - but we still have lots of work to do. As we continue to move forward with pride and determination, please feel free to have a look around and learn more about PetroMasila.


New Beginnings

When on December 17 ownership shifted from the previous operator to PetroMasila, the latter’s predominantly Yemeni management and workforce was faced both with real challenges and a great opportunity. The challenges faced by PetroMasila included logistical complications and skepticism on the part of customers and suppliers. The opportunity? To seize the reigns of a proven leader in the regional oil industry, and to do so with a new identity, one infused with national pride... Continue Reading.

A Bright Future

From upper management in the capital city of Sana’a to the department heads at the Central Processing Facility and export terminal, a shared vision of PetroMasila’s future success can doubtlessly be seen as the reason behind the company’s growing accomplishments. Continue Reading.

Environment and Us

Just as PetroMasila utilizes a wide variety of production methods, so too does it incorporate a complex yet responsive approach to the environment. Exhaustive procedures are undertaken to ensure that water which is separated from oil and re-injected into the earth is pure, clear and able to meet all possible environmental standards. Offshore, rigorous marine testing is carried out as part of PetroMasila’s approach to preventing harmful situations from occurring in the first place. Continue Reading.