Staff of PetroMasila presented a new fully equipped ambulance vehicle to the Health Center in Defeesh which more than 22,000 citizens in Raidat Al-Ma’arah and Raidat Al-Joheieen in Ghail Bin Yumain district will benefit of this ambulance with a total cost of USD 61,500, as part of their charitable projects for 2014.

During the handover ceremony which took place on Thursday, March 19th, 2015, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Saqaff GM – Ghail Bin Yumain district, expressed appreciation for this initiative by PetroMasila staff commending on the charitable efforts by the employees of PetroMasila, a pioneer national company that closely touches on the needs of people living adjacent to its operations areas.

Mr. Al-Saqaff urged for more attention for these projects which contribute in the development in the areas surrounding PetroMasila’s operations expressing Local Authority’s willingness to support and facilitate implementation of all kinds of projects required in the district.

On his part, Eng. Abdul Raouf Ali Basalamah, Chairman of the Petromasila Charitable Committee, thanked the workers and employees for their assistance and support to people around PetroMasila’s concession areas as part of their rights, praising the procedures adopted by the Committee with respect to projects selection on basis of the surveys and field visits concluded.

Further, the Committee Chairman gave a brief summary on the most important projects focusing on projects relating to health, education and water with amounts exceeded YR. 50 millions. In addition, the Committee implemented the Surgery Upgrading and Laboratory project in Ghail Bin Yumain @ YR six million.

It is worth mentioning that the Committee’s activities are voluntary donations contributed by the employees in addition to an equal amount donated by the company every year. The Committee offers its projects along with the projects funded by the company within the Community Affairs Projects Program.

The handover ceremony was attended by Mr. Hassan Omer Al-Johy, Services Committee Chairman in Ghaila Bin Yumain, Mr. Ahmed Abood Al-Shamimi Al-Ma’ari, Eidha Bin Ismail Al-Jabri Charitable Committee member and Yazid Al-Sadfi, Heath Services Manager – Ghail Bin Yumain.