Dr. Adel Mohamed Bahumaid, Governor of Hadhramaut, praised the efforts of the Masila Petroleum Exploration and Production Company (PetroMasila) in supporting various social development projects in its concession area. Especially the funding of the Electricity Connection Project designed to connect the areas of Ghail Bin Yumain, Raidat Al-Ma'ara, Ressib and Wadi Adm to the public electricity network at the cost of USD 3,183,182 as part of PetroMasila's Community Affairs Program for the areas surrounding its area of operations. He asserted the importance of continuity of such contributions and services for the villages and communities in these areas.

In a meeting in Mukalla with PetroMasila Director of Operations Unit “Eng. Sahel Omer Bin Sahel”, and number of the company’s management members, and in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Al-Junaid, Deputy Governor and Mr. Mohamed Faris Bin Faris Head of the Planning and Development Committee (Local Council), the Governor expressed willingness to coordinate with PetroMasila to enable it achieving its full potential, plans and programs and to safeguard its activities as a pioneering National company in oil industry in the area.

The Governor urged the company to be institutional when handling and implementing its plans and programs to support community through service projects for the community.

The Governor also went to say, that the Local Authority and the Local Council have discussed the withdrawals of some oil companies operating within the governorate and the handing-over of their blocks to newly formed companies under the current exceptional circumstances without any coordination with the Local Authority. He indicated that the Local Authority position is clear towards this issue and that all oil blocks in the governorate should be handed-over to the national company “PetroMasila” in order to maintain the legal, economic and environmental rights of the governorate as directed by H.E. the President of the Republic.

During the meeting, the Director of Operations Unit in PetroMasila, expressed the readiness of PetroMasila to fully cooperate to assist the governorate and the oil and development activities within the governorate. Bin Sahel went further to explain the social development plan for this year, pointing out that the company has started the work on changing the 14 km main water pipe line which supplies Resseb in Sah province with drinking water, as one of the urgent projects to the area serving 600 houses in the region, to improve the drinking water quality and to prevent frequent water shortages that occurred in the old network in addition to extension of this line under ground to protect it from the harsh desert environment and lengthen its life time.

The Director of Operations Unit, then mentioned the contributions of the PetroMasila staff committee in supporting a number of projects serving the local communities in the concession area of the company during the previous year 2014, which amounted to over YR. 50 millions clarifying that these voluntary initiatives adapted by the employees and workers of the company were blessed by the Company’s Management to improve the welfare and to establish sustainable development of the neighboring communities.

Eng. Bin Sahel pointed that the number students benefited from PetroMasila’s training program in related specializations of oil exploration and production during the years 2012/2015 has reached 304 students; out of which 136 students had benefited from the summer training program and 168 from the technical-applied program/visits, stating that the company is keen to cooperate in this field to allow training opportunities for the staff and students of the faculty of Engineering and Oil in Hadhramout University and the Technical Specialized Institutes.