Led by its operations team and engineers, from December 17 on, crude oil production was maintained in the face of logistical obstacles. Individual managers devised their own subsystems and successfully implemented Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and American Petroleum Institute guidelines into their departments’ workflow.

The operations team’s initial goal was to maintain production, and PetroMasila’s various departments came together and succeeded in doing just that.

Now, less than a year later, the operations team has already begun looking ahead. Preparations are being finalized to launch four new drilling operations in Block 14 – two in Sunnah field, and one each in the Tawilla and Camaal fields. It is expected that such forward-thinking moves will allow PetroMasila to maintain or even increase its crude oil production.

PetroMasila’s operations department is also employing the latest industry techniques to ensure maximal production rates. PetroMasila uses oil well perforation and stimulation techniques to increase well production. Electrical submersible pumps are also used to increase oil yields.

Having successfully guided PetroMasila through its transitional period, the operations team is well-placed to maintain the company’s position as a leading oil producer in the region.

New Beginnings

When on December 17 ownership shifted from the previous operator to PetroMasila, the latter’s predominantly Yemeni management and workforce was faced both with real challenges and a great opportunity. The challenges faced by PetroMasila included logistical complications and skepticism on the part of customers and suppliers. The opportunity? To seize the reigns of a proven leader in the regional oil industry, and to do so with a new identity, one infused with national pride... Continue Reading.

A Bright Future

From upper management in the capital city of Sana’a to the department heads at the Central Processing Facility and export terminal, a shared vision of PetroMasila’s future success can doubtlessly be seen as the reason behind the company’s growing accomplishments. Continue Reading.

Environment and Us

Just as PetroMasila utilizes a wide variety of production methods, so too does it incorporate a complex yet responsive approach to the environment. Exhaustive procedures are undertaken to ensure that water which is separated from oil and re-injected into the earth is pure, clear and able to meet all possible environmental standards. Offshore, rigorous marine testing is carried out as part of PetroMasila’s approach to preventing harmful situations from occurring in the first place. Continue Reading.