PetroMasila adheres to the government of Yemen’s strategy for the development of the energy industry in Yemen. In this context, PetroMasila is working to achieve the following strategic goals


PetroMasila’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy provides for the social and economic development of local communities as an integral part of conducting business and operations

PetroMasila operates Ash-Shihr Crude Oil Export Terminal on the Arabian Sea. The terminal receives, stores, and exports the crude oil produced from PetroMasila operated and other nearby blocks in Hadhramout governorate.


Masila Petroleum Exploration and Production Company (PetroMasila) is a leading national Yemeni company working in the exploration and production of oil and gas and related energy projects.

PetroMasila was founded on December 18, 2011 under Cabinet Resolution No. 244 for 2011, to operate Block 14, after expiry of that block’s Production Sharing Agreement with the former Canadian operator.

Now, PetroMasila is operating Blocks 10, 14, 51 and 53 in Hadhramout governorate. PetroMasila also operates the Ash-Shihr Terminal on the Arabian Sea, where crude oil, produced from its and other blocks in the region, is transported by a 137km pipeline for storage and export.



Wadi Hadhramout Power Plant (75MW)

Aden Power Plant (264MW)

Upgrade of Aden’s Power Transmission Network


Power Towers Arrival for the Power Transmission Network Upgrade Project in Aden

The power towers of Power Transmission (33/132 KV) Network Upgrade Project in Aden arrived today at Mualla Port in Aden. The project is financed by Government of Yemen and supervised by PetroMasila.

Works of Power Transmission Network Upgrade Project in Aden Pursued

The installation works of power towers in Aden power transmission (132/33 kv) network upgrade project, financed by Government of Yemen and supervised by PetroMasila, are pursued.

Minister of Oil Makes Oversight Visit to Block 14 Operations in PetroMasila

H.E. Mr. Abdulsalam Baaboud, Minister of Oil and Minerals, made a visit today along with Mr. Essam Habreish Al-Katheeri, Deputy Governor of Hadhramout, to Block 14, operated by PetroMasila.

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