Block 10

  • Location: Seyoun-Masila basin in Hadhramout.
  • Total area: 1,070 Km2.
  • Development area: 964 Km2.
  • 1988: First exploratory activities.
  • 1992: Oil discovered (Kharir).
  • 1997: First oil produced (Kharir field).
  • 2003: First discovery of oil in Kharir basement.
  • 2005: Oil produced from Kharir basement.
  • Dec 2015: Expiration of Block 10 PSA betweenthe former joint-venture operator and the Government of Yemen.
  • Jan 2016: PertoMasila assigned to operate Block 10.

Block 10 Facilities Include:

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Basement Processing Unit (BPU);
  • Central Compression Unit (CCU) for utilizing associated gas for power generation;
  • and Kharir Power Plant (KPP) has a 40MW capacity.

Block 14

  • Location: Seyoun-Masila basin in Hadhramout.
  • Total area: 1,255 Km2.
  • 1987: First exploratory activities in the Block.
  • 1990: First well drilled (Sona 1).
  • 1993: First oil production.
  • Dec 2011: Expiration of Block 14 PSA between the former joint-venture operator and the Government of Yemen. PetroMasila was founded to operate the Block.
  • CPF oil treatment capacity: 260,000 bopd Oil export pipeline
  • capacity: 400,000 bopd. Includes a diesel topping plant and two completion and workover rigs.

Block 14 Facilities Include:

  • Central Processing Facility (CPF);
  • Central Power Plant;
  • Diesel Topping Plant for providing diesel for operations;
  • 137km (24”) Export Pipeline to carry crude oil from the CPF to Ash-Shihr export terminal.

Block 51

  • Location: Seyoun-Masila basin in Hadhramout.
  • Total area: 2,092 Km2.
  • 1998: Exploration started in the Block.
  • 2003: Oil discovered in Block 51.
  • 2004: Oil production started from the Block.
  • June 2015: PetroMasila was assigned to operate the Block.

Block 51 Facilities Include:

  • Central Production Facility (CPF) with a 35,000 bopd capacity;
  • Central Power Plant (CPP).

Block 53

  • Location: Seyoun-Masila basin in Hadhramout.
  • Total area: 482 Km2.
  • 1999: First exploration activities.
  • June 2000: Oil discovered (Sharyoof)
  • December, 2001: First oil produced from the Block (Sharyoof field).
  • May 2006: First oil discovery in Bayoot Basement.
  • September 2006: Production started from Bayoot field.
  • February 2015: Former joint-venture withdrew from the Block.
  • February 2015: Ministerial resolution was issued to establish a national company called PetroSar to operate the Block.
  • October 26, 2016: Yemeni Cabinet issued Resolution No 32 of 2016 to make PetroMasila operator of Block 53.

Block 53 Facilities Include:

  • Central Processing Facility with capacity for 25,000 bopd and 15 million cubic feet of gas per day
  • Bayoot Central Processing Unit (B-CPU)

Ash-Shihr Oil Export Terminal

  • Location: Al-Dhaba area located on Yemen’s southern coastline (on the Arabian Sea).
  • 1993: Construction of the terminal.
  • Dec 2011: First loaded tanker (Yumaral) after the terminal handover to PetroMasila.
  • Total oil storage capacity: 3.5 million barrels.
  • Oil loading capacity: 60,000 barrels per hour. Ash-Shihr Oil Export Terminal is an export facility with excellent location, high capacity, and advanced operating systems.


At each operating location, PetroMasila has constructed camp facilities with consideration to the extended periods of time employees and contractor personnel spend at such locations. Such camp facilities include well-furnished accommodation, a wide range of recreational activities and amenities, and comprehensive security and access control to ensure the comfort and safety of camp residents.

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