PetroMasila has developed a comprehensive set of corporate policies, rules, and regulations to ensure safe, efficient, and ethical work practices and to direct and monitor proper operational and professional conduct to achieve institutional goals, sustainable development, and strategic growth.

These policies, rules, and regulations are based on national laws, ethical business practices, and standards commonly applied in the international energy industry. Such policies incorporate leading managerial and operational exercises to direct sound decision-making, competent resource management, and encourage the development of quality relationships with stakeholders in legitimate, accountable, transparent, and effective manners.

PetroMasila strives to ensure all employees and subcontractors strictly comply with all such policies, rules, and regulations to guarantee a safe and professional working environment.


PetroMasila regularly performs internal audits on its operations and transactions to verify its performance and compliance with applicable laws and its own internal policies and procedures. PetroMasila is also subject to external audits by organizations directed and authorized by the Government of Yemen.

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