Human Resources

PetroMasila considers its human resources to be the heart of its organization and the company’s most valuable assets for ensuring success, viability, and strategic growth. PetroMasila is proud of its capable and experienced employees who are specialized in various scientific, technical, operational and administrative fields and disciplines.

The workforce is nearly 100% Yemeni nationals, most of whom acquired professional experience and skills over many years working with international companies. The majority of PetroMasila’s workforce are familiar with large-scale operations and the requirements for handling, processing, transporting, and exporting large quantities of crude oil production.

Employees are provided numerous professional development opportunities, including hands-on training, classes, and courses both in Yemen and abroad.

PetroMasila’s employees are dedicated to the success of the company and work together to overcome challenges and meet or exceed desired targets through teamwork, innovation, communication, and hard work.

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